Monday, March 7, 2011

Youth Baseball: New Prototype Helmet to Protect Pitchers Unveiled

A new prototype helmet designed to protect pitchers on the mound from head injuries was unveiled today by Easton-Bell sports. (Read about the Easton-Bell Baseball Helmets here)

As you know I am a very big supporter of pitchers wearing helmets. I have blogged about it often.

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The Main Point

I applaud the efforts of Easton-Bell to protect pitchers. Easton-Bell is a great company with lots of credibility so I trust that they have designed a helmet that works well. Still, from the photo of the prototype I am skeptical. A kid from my hometown was seriously injured by a line drive that hit on the top of his head as he tried to duck out of the way. Judging from the picture alone, this helmet does not seem to protect the top of the skull. Also, this looks cool, but until an MLB player wears one and makes it vogue I fear that no one will use them. Easton-Bell I hope that you can get Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay to wear your new helmet.

Until this helmet is available, my son and his teammates will be wearing All-Star catchers helmets. 


  1. I asked my 13 year old son if he would wear the new helmet - he said no. He prefers the baseball cap style helmet similar to the one shown above and the one that Jon Olerud used to wear as a first baseman. I am anxious hear more about the new helmet - I assume that Easton-Bell choose this design for substance over traditional style.

  2. My son is willing to wear the All Star Helmet so he can pitch. I really hope people don't make a big deal about it. I have already been called a freak parent and warned he will be teased.

    I hope they catch on.. I wouldn't want to see anyone hurt! Any advice on how to deal with this?

  3. Our entire team wore the helmets last year - not only pitchers but every position. Our coach wanted to make a statement. When we went to tournaments, especially in the south (Tenn, Georgia, Florida) parents and players would look and comment out loud - check out that team they are all wearing helmets. I never heard anyone make fun of our kids. Many people would come up to the players, coaches or parents and ask why we wore the helmets - this was done out of pure curiosity. We had a good answer a player on an older team in the organization - in fact a brother of one of our players - suffered a serious and perhaps permanently brain injury.

    You are a good mom to have your son wear a helmet while pitching. BTW - a good tailing fast ball tends to stop the taunting.

  4. Rob Dibble stated on the MLB network if pitching helmets are mandated then baseball should just stop playing the sport.

    He mentioned that only 1 major leaguer has died. Well quite a few have been injured at the MLB and Minor league level.

    But too many little league / High School players have not been so lucky. I know one kid personally whose life was changed forever by a line drive.

    OK Dibbs perhaps professional athletes have been lucky - but perhaps MLBers should wear the protective helmets to set an example for kids to wear them.

    I know you stand for toughness - but Hockey is no less manly since they mandated helmets, Baseball hitters are no less manly since they mandated helmets and then helmets with earflaps. Football is still associated with toughness even though the wear protective gear - they did not always.

    A line drive can change a life in an instant.

    I do agree with your radio partner that this design is goofy.

  5. I have my doubts too, a helmet should be all encompassing the head, this one seems to be missing a whole important section.

  6. I am 13 and I would be damned if my coach make me where a helmet when I am pitching. If you get hit in the head, it happens, you are not going to die from it. The main thing to protect is your heart with a heart guard or something else. Nobody is going to want to wear a helmet pitching and that is coming from me who has been hit in the head by a line drive

  7. HipHipJorge Thanks for the comment, but kids do die from getting hit in the head. Google it. It happens almost every year. Some kids get hit in the head but do not die, but trauma to the head causes lifelong issues - like slurred speech, blurry vision or the inability to use arms or legs. The risk is real.

    I don't think that this goofy looking biking helmet is the solution. The makers of this helmet should go back to the drawing board and design a helmet that fits more with the tradition of the game.

  8. My son was diagnosed in 2011 with a form of epilepsy and during all the testing also found to have a brain tumor. He is not permitted to play contact sports due to his condition. He has been permitted to return to baseball this year. His normal position is catcher but is also a very good pitcher. I will not allow him to pitch without wearing a helmet. He is not happy with the situation, but it's better than the possible outcome if he is hit in the head. The odds are slim but is it really worth playing them? I plan on purchasing this helmet.

    1. I recommend helmets for all kids - I actually think that college and Pro pitchers should wear them - maybe not this goofy looking "bike" helmet - but one that looks like a baseball hat. Good luck to your son.

  9. Our state (NC) had a middle school kid die from a line drive on the mound this year. I believe the article stated CPR was performed on him on the mound. It is ridiculous not to simply protect pitchers of every age and at every level. Life is precious. This should not be a matter of pride but of safety. This is a no-brainer.

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