Sunday, March 13, 2011

Youth Sports: Parents Be Nice to Youth Athletes

A poster was framed and conspicuously placed by the entrance of a elementary school gym door. The message was aimed at Crazy Youth Sports Parents.

There was one poster for boys and one for girls. This is the girls version.


Please don't curse that girl down there
Please don't curse that girl down there,
She is my daughter you see,
She's only just a girl you know,
She means the world to me.

I did not raise my daughter, dear fan,
For you to call her names,
She may not be a superstar
And those are grade school games.

So, please don't knock those girls down there.
They do the best they can.
They've never tried to lose a game.
They're girls, and you're a man*.

This game belongs to them, you see,
You're really just a guest.
They do not need a fan that gripes,
They need the very best.

If you have nothing nice to say,
Please leave the girls alone.
and, if you've forgot your manners,
Why don't you stay at home!

So please don't curse those girls down there,
Each one's her parents' daughter.
And win or lose or tie, you see,
To us, they're number one!!!

The Main Point

Some teams as young as 8 and 9 years old are so good that parents / fans forget that the athletes are young kids. Crazy Youth Sports Parents please do not lose perspective and try to stay positive.

*Note - I have seen and heard many women who would have inspired the author of this poem too.

I tried to research the author of this poem - I could not find any reference to it anywhere. If you know who wrote this I would love to give them the proper credits / links.

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