Friday, March 26, 2010

Gave Up 32 Points for Lent

Game 10

Each Friday during lent my son's school has a big fish fry. It's a big, well attended fundraising event. During the last fish fry of the Lenten season, the school runs a 3V3 single elimination basketball tournament. The kids do not play for trophies, they play for year long school bragging rights. It's a fun event that is open to every one in the school. The gym is filled to capacity and absolutely electric.

Each team is made up of four players. Kids sign up for the event in pairs and then the 3V3 committee made up of 8th graders creates the four player teams. Each team is randomly seeded and placed in a bracket. In the first round, my son's team had to face the team with the biggest and best basketball player in the school.  My son's team battled and scored a respectable 28 points, but gave up 32. My son played his heart out and scored 14 points. I watched the game with another parent who commented, "Man your my son plays everything with such heart.


  1. "......another parent who commented, "Man your my son plays everything with such heart."

    That is a comment that every dad would be touched and thrilled to hear. I know it touched my heart just reading it in your blog.




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