Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baskeball Championships - No sibling rivalry

Game 2 

My 9 year old daughter played for championship of the town recreational basketball league today. Her team earned a number two seed in the tournament with a great regular season record of 10-2. The number one seed had the same record but won by tie breaker. As it turned out #1 played #2 in the finals.

My daughter's team won 24-22 and my daughter scored 16 points. That was a career high. The game was back and forth the entire time. Whenever my daughter's team was behind, my daughter took over. She was not going to be denied. She had been practicing all week in the back yard. She even shoveled off the court to practice on day. The morning of the game, we got to the gym super early because she wanted to practice. She had one thing on her mind the entire week leading up to the game and that was winning the championship. It was really fun to watch her determination. Several parents came up to my wife and me after to game to tell us our daughter was a "rock star". I was beaming.

The year before my daughter played on an all boys team in an "almost" all boys league. She was coached by a former NBA player. She learned how to dribble with both hands, shoot and play defense. That experience and her willingness to practice what she was taught made her better than any girl in her all girl league.

Game 3

Right after the basketball game, trophy ceremony and ice cream party, my daughter rushed off to meet her elite soccer team for an indoor match. My daughter scored 2 goals and had 2 assists in a 4-3 win. She can do it all.

No Sibling Rivalry

My son watched the basketball game with his girlfriend. His girlfriend's sister was on the other team. He watched with pride as his sister scored point after point. My son had never scored 16 points in a game. Afterwards, to our amazement, he proclaimed that she was a better athlete than him.

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