Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Too Overweight to Play Volleyball

Game 11

My son had another B team volleyball game. His team won the match 2 games to 1. During the first game, my son had an 11 point serving streak. Normally this would be considered impressive however I am pretty sure that the other team was Gorilla Glued to their respective spots. Our team lost the last game when on of the opposing players had a 12 point run serving. Volleyball is very boring when serves are not returned.

The sad part about the game. The opponent had 9 kids on the team. Of the 9 kids, 7 of them were either overweight or obese. Our side did not have anyone that would be considered overweight. I wonder what the difference is. How can two parochial schools about the same size in enrollment, with the same demographic make-up, separated by 15 miles be so different in terms of BMI (Child Body Mass Index). Here is a link to the CDC to determine if your kid is at a healthy BMI.

Childhood obesity is a major problem in this country.

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