Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Sports Gear

My daughter started softball today. She had a 1 hour session at an indoor batting cage facility and had a 2 hour session outside.

The start of the season can only mean one thing. New sports equipment. My daughter and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods. We bought a pair of Nike cleats. My daughter liked the model that she can change the color of the Nike Swoosh. There are 10 colors to chose from. This was particularly important because, she did not yet know the color of her new team. Matching is very important to her.

We bought a new bat. It is a Mattingly V-Force. Don Mattingly was on of my favorite players so I was happy about the selection. My daughter selected it because it was the right size 29 in and 17 oz and because it was purple. She noted that she could make the Nike Swoosh on her new shoes purple to match.

I also bought her two Wilson fastpitch softballs, Umbro socks, an Adidas bat bag and an Adidas 2-N-1 Performance Trainer (A baseball / softball pitchback). My daughter loves to practice basketball and soccer by herself after school. This will allow her to practice softball by herself too. The total tab for today $230 dollars.

When I was nine I remember using a wooden bat. One day it cracked. We went to the hardware store to buy a wood screw and a some black tape to fix it. That bat lasted for the rest of the season.




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