Sunday, March 28, 2010

Product Review - Adidas 2-N-1 (Pitching Rebounder)

If you want good stats in sports you need to practice. It doesn't matter which season it is, my daughter loves to practice by herself in the backyard after school. 

We bought her an Adidas 2-N-1 performance Trainer Rebounding Surface so she could practice pitching. She would love to be one of the pitchers for the team.

The Adidas 2-N-1 has a rebounding surface on one side (picture 1) and a canvas side with a hole / net to capture strikes on the other side (picture 2). This device works well. We like it better than the one we were replacing. Our old one was so heavy that the kids could not maneuver it alone. The Adidas one is study enough to take the pounding of a hard thrown ball, but light enough for a 9 year old girl to move around. 

There are cheaper pitchbacks on the market and more expensive ones too. Dick's Sporting Goods website has several models ranging from $40 to $140. We bought ours in the store. I thought that the Adidas unit was a good value at $70. Not all pitchbacks have a rebounding side and a strike zone side. The canvas side with the strike zone will be great for backyard Whiffel Ball and Stickball games. Another great feature is the easy to use locking telescoping side bars. You can adjust the angle of the rebound for both grounders or pop ups. 

It took me about 1 hour to put together. The directions could be much better. Hint - The directions indicate that the side support bars should be connected to the outside of the tubes that make up the main rebounding surface. I did this first, but had a tough time stretching the bungee cords to reach the  canvas which does not stretch. I decided to put the side support bars on the inside of the tubes that make up the main rebounding surface. Those tubes are about 2 inches thick - so moving to the inside brings the bungee cords that much closer. Also when you are putting the canvass side on make sure the telescoping side bars are in a short position. 

The Main Point

I recommend this product for young kids due to its light weight. I would not recommend this product for teens.

Picture 1                                                  Picture 2

I was not paid for this review.


  1. I bought this rebounder primarily for my 9 year old daughter. My 18 year old son decided that he wanted to goof around with it and rebound basketballs off of it prior to dunking on a basket set to 7 feet high. He ended up rolling over on the rebounder and bending the metal frame.

    I bought this unit because of its relatively light weight. I needed a unit that my 9 year old daughter could move around. This product is great for that. I would recommend a much sturdier unit for kids that tend to break things.

  2. In my opinion this product stinks. After several uses the netting is stretched there the ball does not rebound properly. The plastic wing nuts broke due to having tighten them up before every use. Sure wish I had kept the box so I can return it.

  3. After about 3 months I noticed it did not rebound the ball as well, and now after about 9 months of use I threw it away because it was useless. The bungee cords did not stand up very well and starting wearing out and snapping off after just a few months. Also, the opposite side with the pocket ripped away when my daughter pitched a ball into it. I paid [$] for this and would expect more than this.

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