Friday, March 26, 2010

Muscle Head Dad

This takes crazy to the next level.

This preschooler has abs. Giuliano Stroe is a 5-year-old boy from Romania. He now lives in Italy. The boy dubbed as the world's strongest kid has become a YouTube sensation. Giuliano has been training since he was 2. He has been going to the gym with his father ever since he was born.

The dad insists his son's workout schedule isn't excessive. "He is never allowed to practice on his own. He is only a child, and if he gets tired, we go and play."

This demonstrates that there are crazy parents outside of the US too.

My son has wanted to lift weights for the last couple of years. We will not let him. We consulted a fitness expert, who happened to be the dad of one of the kids on my son's team. He told us that kids should not work out with weights until they go through puberty. He said sit ups, push ups and pull ups are fine if not done to excess. I would say Guiliano does them to excess.

See the Video of Giuliano Stroe


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