Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Thought You Were Going To Choke

Game 9

My son had his 2nd volleyball match in two days. He had to miss the last hour of his baseball practice to make the match. Baseball is a priority for my son, but since the baseball team was just going over base running for the new kids, he opted to play volleyball. I was ok with his rationale and decision, so was his baseball coach.

The volleyball team once again got beat in the first game by a decisive amount. The team however won the next two games to win the match. The last game was exciting. My son's team was losing 12-14 but forced a crucial side out and gave the ball to Big C to serve.

Big C is a misnomer. Big C is one of the smallest kids on the team. He is coordinated, but not overly athletic. He is very smart and very coachable, but lacks confidence.  His sisters are both big time athletes. One led her HS volleyball team to the state championship and went to college on a volleyball scholarship. The other sister, who is in 10th grade, plays soccer on a super regional team. The echelon of soccer is 1) rec soccer, 2) select soccer (levels F,E,D,C,B, Premier and Elite), CUP soccer, ODP and Super Regional soccer. Of course there is High School soccer, but HS soccer is not as advanced as some of the upper levels of club soccer. Big C's soccer playing sister will earn a scholarship too.

Big C will most likely not play sports in HS let alone college. Recently, after he received word that he did not make the A team in volleyball, he sat his parents down to prep them that he might not get a scholarship. He feels the pressure. His parents, of course, told him that they did not expect any of the kids to get scholarships and not to worry about it.

Big C - served the last 4 points in volleyball game to win the game and match. My son and his teammates carried him off the court. His mom said a curious thing to him after the game, "Great game son. You had me scared, I thought you were going to choke." Did I mention lack of confidence.

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